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San Luis Valley

Sugar Junction and Zinzer

The yard is mainly used for interchanges between San Luis Central and D&RGW (SP/UP/San Luis & Rio Grande Railroad). They also unload fertilizer at the short track on the east side of the yard. SLC comes down from north and leave their cars in the interchange yard. D&RGW left cars, mainly empties, going west to South Fork or Monte Vista and picked up cars from the interchange yard on the return trip. SLC has a car shop just north of Sugar Junction. West of Sugar Junction is a lumber yard, Pleasant's Western Lumber. East of Sugar Junction is Zinzer with the scrap yard, Sanner Bros Salvage. Monte Vista Coop had 5 silos in Zinzer until 1996, when they where destroyed in a fire.

SLC normaly uses a SW8 #70. It's painted green and yellow. They also have a 70-toner as backup. It's also green but the stripes are orange. Their roster of cars consist mainly of mechanical reefers and 3 bay covered hoppers, Pullman/Trinity 4750.

I have drawn the map from the information I managed to get when I visited Sugar Junction in March 1999.


  Updated 2008-09-22