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D&RGW in San Luis Valley

by Roland Levin, Stockholm Sweden

Plans for extension of the layout

Lower level

I have plans to extend the layout into another part of the basement. This would give space for the East Yard in Alamosa. The yard downtown Alamosa is too small to handle both narrow gauge and standard gauge traffic. The extension would also give me longer lines with larger curve radius to the staging yards.

Upper level

The extension results in longer lines between Sugar Junction to Center and Monte Vista to South Fork.

I will also have change to increase the space for operators working in the Alamosa area. It can be a bit crowded as it is now.

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The track plans where originally made in the demo version of XTrkCad. The program is now avaliable for free. I have transferred the track plans in to Corel Draw and added color and some other features to make them easier to follow.

Updated 2010-07-12