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D&RGW in San Luis Valley

by Roland Levin, Stockholm Sweden


After a couple of years without much progress on the layout can I show some of the things I have worked with since I retired from work.

I have focused my efforts to Alamosa. I'm trying to scratch built all key buildings in and around the the yards in the town. I still miss photos for some of the buildings. Sky Valley Ice and the stock yard are among the buildings were I have failed to find any photos.

The next two projects are the freight house and the depot.

Scratch built sheds.


Scratch built scale track and house with lamps on both sides.


Rio Grande Motorway garage. Used mainly for the buss traffic in the valley.


The Alamosa water tank is a kitbashed Walthers model.


Scratch built oil transfer facility.


View over the engine facility with a kit bashed Walthers roundhouse.


The shed to the left is a Grant model and the one to the right is scratch built.


The last step to finish this part of the layout was to install a backdrop with distant mountains.


The freight house in Alamosa. This is a scratch built slightly compressed version of the real freight house.


Another view of the freight house. The depot to the right is still a paper mock-up.


The Rio Grande bus garage and a row of generic houses to create an end of the area around the yard in Alamosa.




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