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D&RGW in San Luis Valley

by Roland Levin, Stockholm Sweden


My focus this year is to finalize the scenery on the upper level of the layout.

I put in some pipe work and landscape around
the shed for the pumps in Center.

A scratch build structure of Ranch Ways Feeds in Center.


Two different lumber loads. The lumber load to the left is built from a American Model Builders kit and the one to the right is a Owl Mountain Models kit.


A few pictures from a operations session in November (photos by Thomas Nordanberg). SLC71 switching cars in Center, setting out a covered hopper with fertilizer.


SLC71 passing over Road 112 on the return trip to Center


SLC71 is passing over the Rio Grande river, or at least what is going to be the large river later on it's journey.


D&RGW1185 passes through the station in Monte Vista on it's return from Creede to Alamosa.



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