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D&RGW in San Luis Valley

by Roland Levin, Stockholm Sweden


My focus this year is to finalize the scenery on the upper level of the layout.

South Fork has got a photo backdrop and I have added some scratch built advertising boards. The distance between the road and the backdrop is only about 1 cm where they are placed.


I found a very good manufacturer of threes when I visited a FREMO meet last year. The company is from Tjeckien.


The San Luis Central bridge over the small creek just north of Sugar Junction is getting close to be finalized. The muddy water is flowing very calmly in September.


The grain bins in Center have got a lot of new details. This makes a big difference.

Sometimes the scenery work gets interrupted by an urge to build one more resin car. This is a Westerfield car just after getting decals. A dull coat and some more weathering and it's ready for duty in a 50s scenario.


I spent a couple of weeks during the spring to kitbash a 67400 series boxcar from a Sunshine kit for the 12 panle boxcars.

I wrote an article about the project. This article is published in The Prospector, 2013 number 2. This is the publication of Rio Grande Modeling & Historical Society.

This is the same car together with a model of the 12 panel cars Rio Grande used for the rebuilt of the 20 cars in the 67400-67419 series of cars.

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