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D&RGW in San Luis Valley

by Roland Levin, Stockholm Sweden


I joined a modular club in October 2010. Most of my hobby time since then has been used to build modules. I haven't made much progress on the layout in the basement during this time.

I have build som cars and installed a few Tsunami decoders in a couple of engines. The first couple of pictures shows some of them.

The second part of the pictures is from some of the modules I have built during the last year. Our group is called US-Modules Sweden. You can find more information about it at our public web site www.usms.se.

The first two is from my first module, a crossing between a double track and a single track with an interchange track.

This is my latest module. The double track splits up in to two single track sections. A smal gas station is between the two tracks.

The photo to the left shows my module Split and two of my single track curves, the first one over a fill and the second through a cut.

The photo to the right is a module called Cross over. It also has a cement distribution plant along a short siding.

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