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D&RGW in San Luis Valley

by Roland Levin, Stockholm Sweden


The modeling season hasn't started jet, but I took two photos of the Bachrus running stand I bought. They will be useful when I'm going to install sound decoders in my standard gauge engines. The stand works for both standard gauge engines and narrow gauge engines, if the axle spacing is more than 13,6 mm. The pictures shows the stand with two different narrow gauge engines.

David Lehlbach from Tangent Scale Models was in Stockholm on a business trip and came over for to see Jerry Wickströms versions of covered hoppers built from Tangent Scale Models undecorated kits. Photos by Thomas Nordanberg. (Click on the pictures to enlarge) You can find out more about Tangent Scale Models at their web site. It's fantastic models.

I have just finished a project I started before I bought a wide vision brass caboose from Overland.

The caboose to the left is a kit bashed Atlas caboose. It started its life as a CBQ model. The most difficult part was to change the windows position and size to be correct for Rio Grande. I have added brass running boards, changed the location of the chimney, changed the ends and added an antenna. It's now ready for traffic duty as a quite good stand in. Most guest have difficulties to tell the difference before I tell them.

I used the picture below as a Christmas card this year.
It's a picture of a brass K-59 passing a newly build gasoline station close the Monte Vista yard. You can also see the
photo backdrops that I installed earlier this year.

My version of a PS-2CD 4740 Covered hopper. Built from a Tangent Scale Models kit, custom painted and home made decals.

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