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D&RGW in San Luis Valley

by Roland Levin, Stockholm Sweden


I have been using most of my time to make scenery on the upper level. It's not my favorite part of the hobby. I prefer to build cars and planning operating sessions.

The local to South Fork is passing Zinser and stops to pick
up and set out covered hoppers at Monte Vista COOP.

The local is arriving to Sugar Junction, where SLC70 is
waiting on the wye track.

The yard in Monte Vista with first row of houses in the town
and a mock-up of the depot.

Mission completed!

My two H0n3 steamers, fresh out of the paint shop with
Tsunami sound decoders. Waiting for an assignment. The
yard in Alamosa is not ballasted jet and the houses are
still mockups.

This is a picture of the bridge over Ro Grande just outside Alamosa. The bridge is scratch built from pictures I got from
Bill Mahan in Alamosa. It's shorter than the protype but the
profile is correct. (click the picture to enlarge)
DRGW3014 a GP30 lead engine on the La Veta Turn leaving Alamosa during a resent operating session. (Photo by Anders Holmström, click the picture to enlarge)

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