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D&RGW in San Luis Valley

by Roland Levin, Stockholm Sweden


The rebuilding of the complete yard in Alamosa with dual gauge track have taken most of the time during the last year.

Most of the buildings are still mock-ups. I make drawings in the computer, print them with a color laser printer on letter sized labels which makes it very easy to put it on to card board. I will build them in styren and detail them when I'm satisfied with the result. I have started to build some building kits and you can see the progress below.

The roundhouse in Alamosa. Kit bashed Walthers kit. The real roundhouse in Alamosa used to have five stables and it was
5 sections deep. The Walthers kit has only three stables and
is 8 sections deep.


Backside of the roundhouse. I still have to install internal lightning, window glazing and make some final weathering.

My version of the Alamosa engine facility. The turntable is dual gauge. One of the tracks in the roundhouse is dual gauge,
one is narrow gauge and two are standard gauge.

The two tracks to the left has hand laid transition tracks from normal dual gauge to dual gauge with the narrow gauge in
the middle.

Behind the roundhouse is the main to Pueblo and the oil
transfer tracks.

The yard in Monte Vista with first row of houses in the town
and a mock-up of the depot.

Another view of Monte Vista. All the houses are built from
DPM kits. I still need to add interior, signs and glazing.

The yard in Alamosa is now serving both narrow gauge and standard gauge cars. To the left is one of my dual gauge
coupler cars with dual working coupler in each end.

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