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D&RGW in San Luis Valley

by Roland Levin, Stockholm Sweden


The pictures show the South Fork local passing Zinzer, Sugar Junction and Pleasant Valley Lumber just outside Monte Vista. They are taken in April 2005. I'm currently reworking the Alamosa yard. I have decided to rebuild the complete yard with dual gauge track. I took this decision after I bought my first narrow gauge steam engine. The buildings are still mock-ups. I make drawings in the computer, print them with a color laser printer on Letter sized label which makes it very easy to put it on to card board. When I'm satisfied with the result can I build them in styrene and detail them.


South Fork local west bound passing Sanner Bros Salvage,
a scrap yard in Zinzer


South Fork local, east bound, passing Monte Vista
Coop and Sanner Bros Salvage in Zinzer

The west bound local passing Sugar Junction

East bound passing Pleasant Valley Lumber east of Monte Vista

The local heading east, passing Monte Vista Coop in Zinzer

One crew working the yard in Alamosa. Watching the manifest from Pueblo arriving into Alamosa. The houses are mock-ups in paper.


One crew working the South Fork local. The yard in Sugar
Junction is not built jet. The cars for San Luis Central is left
at and picked up from the wye tracks. The Alamosa crew
in the forground seems to be puzzled by Something.

DRGW487 just delivered. It still awaits painting. It's a Fuji
with a Lenz Gold series decoder. Works great!

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