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D&RGW in San Luis Valley

by Roland Levin, Stockholm Sweden

The pictures show the stage of the layout in March 2003. Most of the bench work is build. I'm currently working on Alamosa yard but I have run out of dual gauge switches and have to wait for a shipment from US.

The last three pictures shows Intermountain box cars. Two are built from 6 panel bodies with modified side sill. The ends and roof is from another Intermountain kit. I'm very satisfied with the result even if the high of the car is about one millimeter off. The third is an Intermountain PS-1 box car.

The buildings are mock-ups. I make drawings in the computer, print them on color laser printer and glue them to card board. The last one I made was Colorado Seed Co. It was printed an A4 sized label which made it very easy to put it on to the card board. When I'm satisfied with the result can I build them in styrene and detail them.

Entrance to the valley Alamosa Diesel facility in staging

Helix Zinser Zinser close up
Sugar Junction Plesant Valley Lumber Monte Vista
Monte Vista and South Fork Woolf Creek Potatoe Monte Vista
C&L Container Co Colorado Seed Co Mountain King Pot. and Coors
Stone Forest Products South Fork  
Intermountain 6 panel box car Intermountain 6 panel box car Intermountain PS-1 box car

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