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San Luis Valley

Creede, Wasson
and Wagon Wheel Gap

The tracks reached the famous Hot Spring Resort of Wagon Wheel Gap in 1883. The rail road came to Creede in 1891. Creede was a mining area foamous for it's silver mines.

The shipment of ore where moved from Creede to Wasson in 1973. Wasson is 2,5 miles east of Creede and consist mainly of a loading dock and wye to turn the road power before going back east again. The last ore shipment from Wasson was Februari 26, 1985 and this was also the last regular run west from South Fork.

We didn't go west of South Fork during our visits to the valley in 1998 and 1999. I have got the pictures from my friend Ray Matewson, New Zealand.

The Denver & Rio Grande Rail Way Historical Foundation is currently restoring the line from South Fork to Creede and is planning to open a tourist operation soon.

Source: Steve Rasmussen, The Rio Grande's La Veta Pass Route




  Updated 2008-09-22